DCTech Fabrications

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Transport imageDynamic Composite Technologies offers a range of superior fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels for all types of vehicles and budgets.

Our range includes high-impact and standard sidewall and ceiling liners that are lighter and more cleanable, more stain resistant, and more abrasion resistant than competitive FRP panels.

Resists damage

  • engineered matrix of glass reinforcement
  • robust resin system engineered for surface hardness and durability
  • time-tested embossed surface minimises scratches and damage

DCT FRP liners look better longer 

  • consistent white appearance that is easy to clean and maintain
  • does not absorb moisture which can cause weight gain and discolouration
  • very low vapour transmission rate
Product Guide Applications
DCT FRP Gelcoat Economical – high gloss, smooth finish DCT FRP Gelcoat sidewall panel ideal for refrigerated trucks, dry van bodies and recreational vehicles.
Medallion High-quality, high gloss, smooth finish Medallion FRP exterior sidewall panel suitable for truck bodies and recreational vehicles.
Reflections Top-of-the-line, high gloss, flawless Reflections FRP finish exterior sidewall panel perfect for refrigerated trucks and dry van bodies.
ArmorTuf High impact, high-performance ArmorTuf interior liner for refrigerated trailers, truck bodies, trailers and containers.
Gatorplate High impact interior scuff plate Gatorplate FRP panel to protect the lower portion of sidewall panels for refrigerated and dry van trailers and truck bodies.