DCT FRP Gelcoat


Engineered for optimum dimensional stability, DCT FRP Gelcoat panels are reinforced with Mat cut into glass fibre of different weights, to which additional mats may be added (Woven Roving) of different weights to further enhance the mechanical properties of the panel. The combination of different weights of reinforcements allows for a wide range of DCT FRP Gelcoat panels to be obtained.

Developed as a thermal insulating panel for controlled temperature truck refrigerators which require particular protection to ensure safe transport, DCT FRP Gelcoat is also suitable as a lining panel for recreational vehicles, campers, caravans and travelling sales vehicles. The DCT FRP Gelcoat is safe and reliable; it is for this reason that they are used in coating and reclamation of environments with increased hygiene requirements such as industrial refrigerator cells, tanker coatings and insulating containers. Road signs may also be created using DCT FRP Gelcoat panels.

The principal advantages offered by DCT FRP Gelcoat are its perfect cover of glass fibres below and its complete impermeability, which consequently protects the insulation within the sandwich panel. DCT FRP Gelcoat possesses a low yellowing index value and a high inalterability value of the surface over time.


  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Dry van bodies
  • Caravans, campers, recreational vehicles


  • Gelcoat resin resistant to UV and chemical agents
  • Excellent mechanical performance
  • Minimal shrinkage
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DCT FRP Gelcoat