Kemlite Gatorplate is specifically designed and formulated to protect the lower portion of interior sidewall panels. Gatorplate is used as a scuffplate in high abuse areas of dry van and refrigerated trailers, truck bodies, containers and railcars to minimise dents and tears caused by forklifts and pallets. High-impact, durable, semi-rigid panel of fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP), Gatorplate is more cleanable, more stain resistant and more abrasion resistant than competitive FRP panels. Gatorplate exhibits a high strength-to-weight ratio and has an expansion/contraction value similar to aluminium. Gatorplate is easy to install and highly bondable.


  • High-impact interior scuff plate for refrigerated and dry van trailers and truck bodies


  • High impact resistance
  • Extremely durable
  • Minimises damage caused by forklift and pallets
  • Protects against dents and tears
  • Easy to clean

Gatorplate coil

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