Kemlite Reflections is a revolutionary exterior fibreglass panel with superior composite strength and a high-gloss gelcoat finish ideal for use on refrigerated trucks and dry van bodies. Aside from its superior appearance, Reflections FRP is a seamless, one-piece panel providing an aerodynamic surface that can reduce wind resistance and improve fuel efficiency. The high-gloss, gel-coat finish also provides excellent solar reflectivity.

These strong, lightweight fibreglass composite panels can be bonded directly to side posts or XPS foam, reducing the number of mechanical fasteners normally used on sidewalls. The smooth, rivet-free Reflections surface makes it ideally suited for applying printed decals.


  • Premium exterior sidewall panel for refrigerated trucks and dry van bodies


  • Outstanding fibre-free high gloss finish
  • lightweight fibreglass composite
  • Reflections will not rust or corrode
  • premium look upgrades the quality of any RV unit
  • significantly reduces unit gross weight as compared to traditional luan wood substrate and frp laminated panels
  • excellent “canvas” for painted graphics
  • reduced wood delimitation warranty expense potential of a traditional laminated panel


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